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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Seductive Coquette

This is the third post I’ve written in reference to Robert Greene’s Book, The Art of Seduction. Yes, it fascinates me till no end. While whisking through the words of comparable history of the darkest intent, I saw myself as one of the nine seducers. The description reminds me of comments made about my own demeanor. Not just how I behave in a relationship, but how my personality type is portrayed. The very seductress I am referring to is The Coquette

She is hot and cold. At one end of the spectrum, showing passion and fire and shifting to the cold and despondent. The historical significance of Josephine as the coquette and how driven Napoleon became as a result, gives the reader a clearer picture of its operation. She was cold in her correspondence and hardly prompt at replies. Sounds a bit like how I respond to phone calls and texts. The coquette is self-sufficient and never jealous. The victim samples a taste of captivating desire and is then doused with ice-cold indifference. From what I understand, this will drive a man mad with desire. He has to have this self-sufficient woman with her cat-like independence and confident ways.

But I’m not trying to seduce anyone, this is just how I am. In fact, you’ll find that most INTJs are this way. As an introvert, I need to recharge. Even if I am really into someone, I will back away. Also, when I’m and NOT into someone, I will back away. This creates problems at times, stalkers and obsessive types become entranced or mesmerized. It is a real eye opener to understand the seductive effective this can have.

After reading the entire book, I was disappointed that there wasn’t a direct correlation of what seducer/victim types are most commonly attracted. Greene does indicate that one should not seduce someone of the same type. Napoleon was The Conqueror victim type, a type I am not particularly fond of but have found myself trying to end those types of relationships. This being said any relationship involving an extrovert makes me want to bash my head into something obliterating. The Rescuer is easy to attract because a self-sufficient attitude may prevail, there is always a troubling situation in paradise that one may need saving from. I find the rescuer too controlling and aggravating.
Now that I am thinking about it, I wonder which victim type I find worthy of seducing.

(Not that I would ever do such a thing.)

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