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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Four Possible INTJ Subtypes

Four Possible INTJ Subtypes
EMBTI (Enneagram and MBTI Correlation)
As you all know, I have the utmost confidence in the MBTI. Cognitive functions are fascinating and revealing to the way we operate socially, personally, professionally, and intimately. However, I notice quite often how differently my fellow INTJs are from one another. No, I’m not talking about the fiasco about the cognitive function test the other day when most people were pissed about cognitive priority equating to INTP. It just seems that we may have different flavors.

Subtypes seemed like an option when I was reading about narcissist categories. I connected that thought to the Enneagram and the different wing types. This describes a standard type to take on some of the attributes either before or after the number. I have taken a few different Enneagram tests with the results: 1w9, 5w6, and mostly 5w4. While looking for actual data, I found the following chart from a recent study:

John Fudjack and Patricia Dinkelaker - Source (These are the results of empirical research that measures what the most common Enneagram types correspond with the MB types, in order of highest concentration to lower. This could possibly be the most reliable, accurate information for correlation.)

If you don’t know your Enneagram type, here is a reasonable test:
As I’ve mentioned before, I’m tired of reading repetitious information about INTJs. It’s time for new and creative ideas derived from everything we know about personality and behavior. I will now present the Four INTJ Subtypes.
The Purist

The most perfectionistic of the INTJs. Of the four subtypes, they are the most practical and disciplined. Purists’ standards are high of themselves and strive for excellence. Although not as introverted as other INTJs, they only want to be surrounded with people of a similar caliber. Unfortunately, this mode of thinking may leave a shortage of people to socially interact with. Others may see them as cold and driven. In fact, they have the ability to use failure towards evolution.

Because INTJs are known for future planning and finding connections, this type creates a system within the self to reach higher goals of a superior life. At their worst, they can be too critical of themselves and judgmental of others.

The Diplomat

While maintaining the general idea of how an INTJ operates, this subtype is more of a caring and nurturing variety. Diplomats want to extend or advocate created systems from obtained knowledge made through connections. This type may have a family or a cause which they apply their ability to realize patterns or teach knowledge.
This type is heavily motivated and extensive to whatever they have dedicated themselves to. Although they may be reserved in nature, they have a powerful voice that they activate through other resources. Spiritual growth highlights thoughts and insights to the world around them.

Diplomats may be afraid that they won’t be able to contribute something important or be appreciated. They have a passion for something ideal that comes from within and it drives them intensely.

The Arcanist

A cerebral INTJ that is more engrossed in the realm of thought. Seemly more eccentric that the other INTJ subtypes, they couldn't care less about conventions. This overall attitude conflicts with an ability to fit in whereas the Purist (1w9) and Diplomat (1w2) may blend into their surroundings due to their more practical appearance.
This type is less concerned with appearances because many of them have a focal point where the mind is absorbed with abstract theory or thought. Possibly, they have more of an artistic flair, these INTJs may write (fiction or nonfiction), have musical ability, or something that may set them apart with more of a strangeness than the other subtypes. They tend to be imaginative, aloof, and quiet.

Arcanist need time and quiet to reflect. This allows them to fully process while using intuition. At times, they may fluctuate from being disconnected from internal emotions and being overwhelmed by them.

The Genius

This INTJ is automatically perceived as an intellectual. The Genius has at least one area of study in which they are experts but they usually are well versed in other fields. Time and personal space is important to all INTJs but it is a theme and constantly on the mind of this subtype. They are clearly objective and unhindered by emotions. These traits allow them to conceive data and use it efficiently. They may fear being engulfed by crowds and are very sensitive to noise. Recharging is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Geniuses are the most introverted of the INTJ subtypes and would prefer conversations that are deep and engaging to their intellect. Being cynical and dry-witted often leaves them misunderstood unless they associate with others of the same mind-set.  The Genius is mostly withdrawn and hides vulnerability. They stand back and observe. This allows them to see far more than what the five senses provide. A world-view is a primary mode of perception and details are consciously and subconsciously gathered for its construction.

So which type are you?

(On the internet, nobody knows you’re a cat.)

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