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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Copy and Pasted Personality

Have you ever read an INTJ description? Have you ever read multiple INTJ descriptions? Have you ever read an INTJ description that you found on the 32nd page of a Google search?

They are all the same.

INTJs are hard-working, independent, emotionless, single-minded, original, "Spock-like", strategic, analytical...blah...blah...

Don't misunderstand me, INTJs should have a few striking resemblances. The main one and most importantly should be:


Now I've scoured through some reputable sources to bring this to you. Some Norwegian guy's, Gisle Henden, 189 paged dissertation titled, Intuition and its Role in Strategic Thinking, had made some valid points worth mentioning. In this excerpt, he paraphrases Westcott and associates Jung's Typology. Check it out:
Out of everything I have read, this is the most accurate description.

Intuition vs. Analysis

As I mentioned in the beginning of my blog, many INTJ descriptions include "analytical". My eyes would just stare at that word because I never really considered myself to be analytical. This is more of an ISTJ attribute with their ability to sense. Thankfully, my chosen read went into extensive detail, comparing the two. Check out this chart:

Rapid and non-sequential processing and paying little attention to my environment. Tiny mistakes that are usually the same and even. High confidence in answer but low in method.

Academia truly has the best MBTI descriptions...EVER!

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