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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Typed Conversations (INTP)

I find my conversations with other people to be quite fascinating. The contrast of answers and reactions provides a small glimpse into a different reality.

INTP: I really like your elf ears                              Facebook Profile Picture with Elf Ears

Me: Thank you, it shocked the hell out of my parents when I was born. Obviously, my mother had an affair with an elf.

INTP: I love it.

Me: Glad you love it. Dad was pretty pissed.

INTP: Oh, I have no doubt about that. I'd be livid if I were him when you popped out. Realizing that your wife's "business trips" were to a magical land where she "visited" with an Elven lover as a significant other...whew.

Me: That made me smile.

INTP: (Various cute stickers)

Me: ?

INTP: I don't know how to talk to an elf, gah. I've never met one before.

Me: Oh, it's not that different, really.

INTP: I thought not, if I'm honest. Just exusing the likelihood of my presenting my awkwardness to you.

Me: Is it awkward?

INTP: No, not even a little bit.

Me: Because I have this amazing ability to make everyone awkward.

INTP: So...can I add you in hopes of future awkward situations?

Me: Future awkward what?

INTP: Well, I don't know. I'm sure we could come up with something and make it super awkward!

Me: Wait...What are you asking of me?

INTP: If you cared whether or not I added you via What did you think I was asking?

Me: I didn't think anything. Humans are so interesting. I mean people.

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