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Tuesday, December 30, 2014



When I was a child, I thought I was a unicorn.
The others were playing house and school
as I imagined different dimensions
where I could teleport away...

But people don't like what isn't common
they crush it with their words
and hands
and I created a black hole
         with the left over pieces,
         with the left over time,
         When I would think
                                and think
                       into an infinite loop
                       to keep me away from what is real...
I pushed you away
and when I awoke, I was lost
the silence was crushing
like my eardrums would explode.
The movie I was in
I was watching
the horrible scene
When you scream "don't go in there"
But I do,
the credits roll
and I can't rewind the film.

Unicorns were never real
but their image is all around
it makes me disprove
                   what I prove
                   and I lose what I believe..
I see the way they stare at me
I am the universe
as starburst shoot from my eyes
                                    and lips
                                    and fingertips
It is useless to hide the truth
from the people who will lie
they hunt the legendary creature
because of what they fear
                          they can't control
                          or put me in a cage
                          or seal away the 
                          that I've been keeping all along.
I'll never hide what is hidden
because one day they will see
the universe will die
the unicorn is me.

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