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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Typed Conversations (INFJ) Part I

I find my conversations with other people to be quite fascinating. The contrast of answers and reactions provides a small glimpse into a different reality.

INFJ: Whaddup
Me: Hello
INFJ: I think I might turn bi at some point. I'm too open for my own good.
Me: If you did, would it be a big deal?
INFJ: I guess it wouldn't idk. I've had an experience before and didn't hate it or like it.
Me: Who you choose to love shouldn't be bound by gender. I'm straight but I don't see the harm.
INFJ: Yeah, I know. I was neutral to the experience. Although, I think the guy went easy on me.
Me: There is nothing wrong with being open to experience. INFJs are expansive.
INFJ: And we spend too much time on the internet.
Me: If the internet didn't exist, you would spend too much time in the village.
INFJ: I had a fascination with transsexuals or shemales from a random anime. And there was always online roleplaying. Which guys would rape each other occasionally.
I like the village. INFJ men are rather feminine. So, I guess as a youth I was attracted to the stronger female types.
Me: INTJs are a masculine type from what I understand. Even though I look really feminine, I don't have many female pastimes or interest.
INFJ: Lets just hope that does mean I'm necessarily the girl here. See the male ego talking.
It seems like any resistance I have to change is totally centered around the ego.
Idk I guess I shouldn't care.
Me: Will it help you?
INFJ: The ego? Very rarely it does. Maybe it was created for flirting and survival.
Me: Evolve then.
INFJ: I will. I've just sorta been living in hell until now.
I'm a very powerful creature. If anything, I could use quite a lot more ego
I feel like I've sorta. Taken myself for granted.
Me: When we overcome opposition, we grow beyond ourselves. 
INFJ: Western cultural values is what I was born under
But idk, I was an oddball.
I wasn't properly culturally conditioned
Or I seemed to have some sort of hidden knowledge
A higher consciousness.
Me: Really?
INFJ:  I believe it.
I think humanity is evolving
But with me specifically. I had the knowledge of a potential Shamanic practitioner
Terence McKenna - The Challenge:
INFJ: Badass, huh?
Me: Sure.
INFJ:That's basically my speech that I'll be using like a modern day Hitler.
Except not killing people and stuff.
There's this other video that is mad cool. Basically is saying that our culture is leading to the death of the species.
And psychedelics are the way to hyperspace.
Correction. All life on the planet.
Nature is pitiless.
INFJ:Intelligence is a grand experiment upon which a great deal has been rift
But if it proves inadequate. Nature will cover us over like she did the dinosaurs and all those other folks who came before.
INFJ: Which is a very probable outcome
Unless we got some shit on our side.
Luck maybe.

-One week later-

INFJ: NTs are fucking nuts.
Me: Thanks.
INFJ: I keep having encounters with psychopaths
And you guys have no hold on emotions whatsoever
My family and i were threatened because of some crazy bitch ENTP
And her INTJ.
Me: Really?
INFJ: Idk, don't say anything to anyone, though.\
Me: Who am I going to tell?
INFJ: Idk I guess she is just very underdeveloped
Or she has a personality disorder
But she seems to hate me for some reason
She assaulted me for my beliefs
She's an underdeveloped cunt
Below my level, clearly
Sense she has to make threats
I was just being nice trying to make amends.
Me: Just block her, unless you are a masochist.
INFJ: I will, obviously. I'm not at a computer.
Me: You don't have to be at a computer. I've blocked people from FB using my phone.
INFJ: She is a two-faced bitch.
Me: Go into your settings.
INFJ: I did. I don't see it.
Me: I'm not your tech support.





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