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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Everybody Lies

On the television series House M.D., the main INTJ character says "Everybody lies". He remains detached from personal feelings as to not detract from his ultimate goal to diagnose his patients. We see the complications that arise as the sufferers continually deceive to save face and deny the truth which Dr. House so desperately needs to save their wretched lives.Three-quarters into the episode, exposure is achieved through the means of deductive reasoning (not one of House's strengths) uncovered by the fellow doctors. Once the sensory details are resolved, he then has his "Ah-ha" moments due to intuitive processing.

As an INTJ, I understand his plight all too well. Everybody lies. A little tug in my gut will tell me all is not what it appears to be. As a rational, I will continue my process until good reason presents itself. House never gives into introverted feeling and does something that creates a better balance to his primary cognitive function. He uses extroverted thinking. We see him with his board and dry eraser marker, outwardly bouncing off ideas with his subordinates and writing down the clues to be picked up by those who can use the ideas for sensing.

I hate feelings because they've always get me in a hot mess. Without the proper use of my axillary extroverted thinking, my intuition becomes overused and stressed. My feeling will enable false or unseen hunches and situational chaos has the potential to ensue.

Today I was "thinking" about a difficult situation that has led me to a cross-road in my life. I wrote down my ideas. As I examined my ideas, I realized I needed facts. Thanks to Google I found out the truth. With this truth I had my "Ah-ha" moment. I now know about the lies and how I was deceived. What am I talking about? Well...I don't want to give it away just yet. I will leave you with the lyrics from a song by Gotye.

 Smoke And Mirrors

You're a fraud and you know it
But it's too good to throw it all away
Anyone would do the same

You got it going
And you're careful not to show it
But sometimes you even fool yourself a bit
It's like magic
But it's always been a smoking mirrors game
Anyone would do the same

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