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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Getting to the Heart of the INTJ Female

To win the love of an INTJ woman you must first understand who she is. I grow tired of reading the copy and pasted descriptions on the various MBTI websites. My stab at a description should be true.

They way she communicates is the true indication of her type because it is surely a sight you will never forget. Only the INTJ and INFJ use a type of processing called introverted intuition and both types are rare. In the song Catch by the Cure, the love interest in the song is portrayed perfectly in that respect.

You know I even think that she stared like you
She used to just stand there and stare
And roll her eyes right up to heaven
And make like I just wasn't there

WARNING: Please note that she will initially ignore the pursuer if she finds his demeanor attractive and perceives that he notices her. 

She is away and in a different world when she processes what you say, she may look through the world around her. The lyrics create an illusion to an extended amount of time in which this is occurring, but I assure you, she can compress the process into a mere moment. The essence of this moment is to just know. It comes from nowhere. Not from experience or thought, it is inside. The external shell during the process will seem out to lunch. You ask her a question about what she feels or the emotional implications and her processing may be in a loop.

Give her time.

She may look away. It is important that she knows it is acceptable not to know, at least for the moment. The pursuer will be captivated and charmed by this unintentional aloofness. Behind the excitement of a new love prospect, is a woman caught of guard. It's not that she doesn't feel, she just feels so deeply.

The INTJ female is attracted to the unique and brilliant. She wants her intellectual senses heightened  and her curiosity ignited. An intelletual/emotional connection must be made for her to consider any further installment of future interactions. She will never take the attraction at face value and will look for the hidden implications. Her attention may even become a conquest although she is not playing a game. Although she loves games, the cards are off of the table when considering matters of the heart.

1) She does not want material goods when she can obtain them for herself.
2) She does not want to be engaged with small talk. Get her attention by making a passing comment about something that is occuring that is not easily observed.
3) She wants to see what is hidden, like the unspoken part of your soul.
4) She is unlike any of the women you have encountered. Stick to what usually works and watch her walk away.
5) Be creative because she is and adores anything of the sort.

OperationWhat you find on the internet about INTJ women is usually wrong. The majority of the descriptions are that of an ISTJ. Structured and detailed? Not in the slightest. Slightly disorganized but a method to the madness. She has an uncanny knack to know her way around unfamiliar territory. This means she understands more than you think and sees all that you hide. She does not need details to catch you in a lie. She imagines the big picture and acquires the pieces that fit. Also, she may seem quiet and first but if you've captured her attention, she will talk about imaginative ideas for hours. She envisions the future and wants to plan accordingly. She wants a committed relationship and does not want to waste her time on needless searching.

She has an expansive and open mind and seduction is usually carried out through the imagination. This is the realm where she can create and adjust for the future. Word play is like foreplay by creating images that set fire to emotion. Preparing the stage is crucial. Ask her what she likes and she will slightly reveal what arouses her. Men who are also intuitive types have a better chance of understanding the INTJ by reading verbal cues and body language. She wants to be figured out but not assumed. Although this may serve to be a difficult task, the rewards are astounding. She is a passionate and competent lover when taken to intellectual heights. Let it be known this it is not a feat that should be pursued by anyone she finds intellectually lesser.

Good Luck!

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